Eastbound again

Another 06:00 wake up today but this time with a twist. We were lucky enough to have Duane in the kitchen preparing his speciality egg sandwich, which is on a bagel. And really, what self respecting New Yorker doesn’t know bagels? It was a tasty welcome before kick off of our longest leg so far.Continue reading “Eastbound again”

Rocky Mountain High

Wow what a great time. Duane and Mary are the nicest you could be privileged to meet. It’s amazing how the Falco can bring people together across the globe. Anyway. In the morning after a tasty omelette from Duane we headed out to the airport to gas the plane up. Just as I primed theContinue reading “Rocky Mountain High”

Off to meet another Falcophile.

Quite a change of pace on this trip. Before we began I had to rescue my credit card from the local FBO staff who had kindly offered to retrieve it from the fuel pump for me. Continuing on the fuel theme, Derwood had left the dipstick on the wing the day before so that tooContinue reading “Off to meet another Falcophile.”