Doh! – as Homer says!

Late last night I had this huge sinking feeling. I had completely forgotten to organise accommodation for our Oshkosh staging post of Mineral Point. I had identified a few trouble spots for accommodation but forgot that one. Evidently we weren’t the only ones who though staging for Oshkosh at MRJ was a good idea. ItContinue reading “Doh! – as Homer says!”

The trip in overview

Today I thought I'd look at a general overview of what my trip entailed. Here it is. The trip up. And the trip back..   Total flying, including test flight of approx 25 hours!. That's a lot of sitting in a small plane. Posted with Blogsy

Return Planning

I've spent this weekend in Adelaide on a stopover from work. Since I have some spare time I've taken the opportunity to do some return flight planning. This is what I've come up with….. Return sectors. KOSH – 21D Lake Elmo, Minnesota Alternate KMFI, Marshfield Wisconsin   21D – KAXN Alexandria, Minnesota   KAXN –Continue reading “Return Planning”

Back to Reality – damn it

After 12.5 hours in one of Air NZ’s 777’s I find myself thrust back into winter and back in the real world with everything that goes with it. The next month of work is going to be hard to deal with. I’ve got a few other things I need to do to be ready forContinue reading “Back to Reality – damn it”

Lessons day

Yesterday I had my meeting with Joe and John from the Riverside FSDO. They gave me the required test area for my test flight next month. Had a look around the plane and chatted for a bit. They are nice guys and very accommodating. I also spent a little time getting a full understanding ofContinue reading “Lessons day”