Interviews and Seaplanes.

Caught the early bus again. The day started out cool. Got a few things done which included visiting flight service for a weather brief. Looks like it should be ok for us. Caught up with Pricey again fortunately. Haven't seen as much of him as I would have liked. After doing a few chores IContinue reading “Interviews and Seaplanes.”

Doh! – as Homer says!

Late last night I had this huge sinking feeling. I had completely forgotten to organise accommodation for our Oshkosh staging post of Mineral Point. I had identified a few trouble spots for accommodation but forgot that one. Evidently we weren’t the only ones who though staging for Oshkosh at MRJ was a good idea. ItContinue reading “Doh! – as Homer says!”

Eastbound again

Another 06:00 wake up today but this time with a twist. We were lucky enough to have Duane in the kitchen preparing his speciality egg sandwich, which is on a bagel. And really, what self respecting New Yorker doesn’t know bagels? It was a tasty welcome before kick off of our longest leg so far.Continue reading “Eastbound again”