Aviation as we’d like it.

Today was fun for sure but one thing that struck me more that anything else was the service and availability of services for general aviation. The airspace is full of everything from Cessna 150s to A320's, from Frank's Bellanca to executive jets and they are all using controlled airspace with an equal standing. The controllersContinue reading “Aviation as we’d like it.”

Let the aviation begin

One word… WOW! What an awesome day. Frank picked me up from the EAA hangar and took me around to his plane. While he was getting it ready he said that since I was interested in the Viking we would go to Santa Paula (SZP) first to see the guy who does the maintenance onContinue reading “Let the aviation begin”

The trip in overview

Today I thought I'd look at a general overview of what my trip entailed. Here it is. The trip up. And the trip back..   Total flying, including test flight of approx 25 hours!. That's a lot of sitting in a small plane. Posted with Blogsy