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Flickr pics.

I’ve uploaded my photos to Flickr for you to look through. Appreciate these are just iPhone pictures. Darryn will have the fancy pictures. Still, there may be one or two I haven’t blogged with. Feel free to rummage through them. … Continue reading

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Reflection time – Part 3. Tourism

I've spoken of my impressions of the people experience and the flying experience but what of the tourism? The scenery and physical aspects of the trip. It's not until you learn to fly small planes, or at least travel in … Continue reading

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Reflection Time – Flying (Part 2)

  The flying aspect was always set to be an experience in itself. We are going to be facing a lot of new procedure and experiencing situations that until now were nearly theory. So how did it go? Firstly we … Continue reading

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Reflection Time – Part 1

The aeroplane is still sitting abandoned ( only by me) in Chino awaiting it's return ride from Chino. Early indications are not good for a smooth recovery but that will play out in weeks to come. For now I find … Continue reading

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Back to base.

I need to sum the trip up. That will be a long considered post. For now I'll describe the final flight. Derwood woke me up. I had a really solid sleep last night. It was a good time to wake … Continue reading

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Skippin’ Town

A quiet night in Jackson Hole. We were lucky enough to meet briefly with Alfred's Daughter Sara and her husband Stephen and thier gorgeous little daughter Elisabeth for a brief drink. After that we ventured into town for a quick … Continue reading

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