Land ‘er at Lander

Another early start. We always seem to beat the alarm clock so it's not as bad as it sounds.

We got up and got ready. The last few days have been a drag since we haven't had Internet. Our hotel advertised it but in reality it didn't work. That irks me but they didn't seem to care. I won't be staying at any Howard Johnson's ever again. Not that they will care.


I managed to get a radar weather picture over 3G on my phone. It showed a bit of weather along our track so we made haste and went to the airport to head for Lander lickerty split.

As it worked out we had an uneventfully flight down to Lander. The terrain is absolutely not what we expected. I guess flying into Christchurch regularly makes you expect terrain to jump up out from flat land. Not so. The hills were higher than us (8500') but kind of rolled their way up. Quite a surprise. Very scenic nonetheless. The colours of the soil were quite remarkable. The US of A sure is a big continent with vast areas of not much interspersed with beauty of many kinds. The further we travel, the more we appreciate it.

After landing at Lander we noted our cll phones didn't work. AT&T have zero coverage here, which was both a surprise and a problem. We needed to close our plan before someone came looking.

Derwood shuffled off to the 'Terminal' in search of a phone. He came back with a closed plan. The location of the fuel pump, which had eluded us, and a crew car for the night. Good work!

I still don't fully understand this FBO thing. I've tried asking but never really got a full answer. I feel like we are getting too much for nothing so I try not to use them until I fully understand. As for now though, driving away with the full use of a car without any paperwork filled in or anything, seems too good to be true. At the very least the level of trust is unbelievable but does restore ones faith in society. Shame NZ can't learn a bit from it.

We fuelled, packed up and drove to town in search of a hotel. Easy work, we found a suitable room at the Best Western and checked in.

Once we had settled in we drove 10 miles up the road to Sinks Canyon. What a beautiful place. We spent about an hour looking around and taking photos before we were driven out by torrential rain coming from a lightning storm that brewed overhead. In amongst the nature discovery and photo taking, Derwood heard a rattle snake so we moved on. That may have had something to do with him losing his lens hood for his camera.

The afternoon had us drinking some very fine iced coffee followed by chores in the form of washing.

After eventually finding some accommodation and rental cars in Jackson Hole for tomorrow we went down to the Cowfish, a local restaurant recommended by Duane. While we hate to admit it, we had the best food we've had all trip at the Cowfish. And while it was against my will, the beers from the local micro brewery were very tasty too.

Tomorrow, another early start for a high altitude flight into Jackson Hole.


Published by falcogeorge

I live in New Zealand with my lovely wife Vicki along with our animals on a block of land in Helensville. Back in 1994 I had this crazy idea to build a plane. Since then its been a huge part of my life. My day job has varied over the years. I started out as a computer engineer and now I'm an airline pilot. You would think that would tire me of flying but airline flying isn't really flying. The small planes are fun and make me remember why I started flying in the first place. This blog is a demonstration of some of the crazy ideas that pop into my head from time to time. The way I see it, life is too short to not give these wild ideas a go. I don't mind if people think I'm crazy. I probably am.

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