Goodbye Oshkosh

Bye bye Airventure

Today we departed Airventure. We got the army bus again and packed the plane ready to go. I sent some stuff back to myself in Chino via FedEx, said goodbye to some folk, got a departure brief and we pulled the aeroplane out to the flight line.

The normal pre-departure checks etc with the exception of leaving the transponder off and we were cleared for takeoff on the left hand side of the runway 36. A Zenair was using the right half and was cleared just before us.

The departure had us turning right as soon as it was safe 🙂 and make a right turn onto a heading of 150. We were also to maintain 1300' as the inbounds were at 1800'. 1300' is 500' above the ground 🙂

We smoked the Zenair pretty quickly although I don't know what heading he decided to fly. This much fun is probably illegal.

Fairly quickly after that we tore past a Cub and we were out of the class D before we knew it. Since we were requiring a track to the North West we elected to stay at 500' AGL as we would be crossing under a lot more inbound traffic to OSH following to NOTAM'd arrival.

Once we cleared the inbound lanes, had our transponder on and were happy we were clear of traffic we climbed up to a fairly sedate 2500'. The headwind was 15 knots on the snout and the Cumulus was broken at about 3500' so the lower level suited us fine.

After a relaxed 1:30 flying over flat but green land with interspersed pretty but small lakes, we were in Lake Elmo.

What a lovely little airport. The FBO owner couldn't believe it. He'd never seen a Falco on the field and we were the second in two days (Duane and Mary led the charge). He was very helpful and friendly. He gave us a spot in his hangar for the night and then drove us not an inconsiderable distance into the very pretty town of Stillwater.

The FBO owner was great!

After a brief rest we went for a walk for some lunch then toured the town on a guided trolley bus tour. What a lovely town. Rich in history. A logging town that eventually went broke as nobody thought replanting would be necessary. The mansions are beautiful and the town is very quaint sitting on a river that separates Wisconsin from Minnesota.

Lunch spot.
Derwood's lunch.

I'll let the photos below tell their own story.


Lift bright that still works.


Grain wry in town
Worth a cool 5 mill now. Georgous

River boat paddle steamer

Our hotel

Our Hotel is a replica of George Washington's house.


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I live in New Zealand with my lovely wife Vicki along with our animals on a block of land in Helensville. Back in 1994 I had this crazy idea to build a plane. Since then its been a huge part of my life. My day job has varied over the years. I started out as a computer engineer and now I'm an airline pilot. You would think that would tire me of flying but airline flying isn't really flying. The small planes are fun and make me remember why I started flying in the first place. This blog is a demonstration of some of the crazy ideas that pop into my head from time to time. The way I see it, life is too short to not give these wild ideas a go. I don't mind if people think I'm crazy. I probably am.

One thought on “Goodbye Oshkosh

  1. I swear thats the house they filmed Charmed in!! It all looks like it’s been in movies…. cool…plane looks nice and clean…..looks like a neat little town…. you guys both look sunburnt 🙂

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