Back into the dust.

The day started for me at about 06:30 after a fairly broken sleep. I was keen to see my plane again. After the mandatory stop at Starbucks for coffee I opened the hangar door to see that somebody has loaned me a nice prop cover and filled in the engine intake holes. Nice of them. The aeroplane has a thick layer of ‘Chino Dust’ on it so I guess I’ve got something to do tomorrow.

I was keen to see what the change in humidity would do to the plane and even though I was expecting it, the wood has clearly dried out. It’s now got a significant ‘starved horse’ look to it as the skins have shrunk. One of the features or wood I guess. You can make it out through the dust. The spar is now clearly visible, which it isn’t normally.

while I was looking around I heard a quiet ‘Meeowww’, so being a cat lover I had to hunt it out. I soon kind of wished I hadn’t. The hangar cat was VERY friendly but clearly hadn’t been fed for a while. I hunted around for food and couldn’t find anything so I jumped in the car, went up to the gas station, and bought the poor thing some food. On the way out I saw Frank driving in so I called him from the gas station and told him I’d be a few minutes.

I’m hungry!

When I got back the poor thing was nowhere to be found so I put some food out and locked up as Frank arrived to pick me up….

Published by falcogeorge

I live in New Zealand with my lovely wife Vicki along with our animals on a block of land in Helensville. Back in 1994 I had this crazy idea to build a plane. Since then its been a huge part of my life. My day job has varied over the years. I started out as a computer engineer and now I'm an airline pilot. You would think that would tire me of flying but airline flying isn't really flying. The small planes are fun and make me remember why I started flying in the first place. This blog is a demonstration of some of the crazy ideas that pop into my head from time to time. The way I see it, life is too short to not give these wild ideas a go. I don't mind if people think I'm crazy. I probably am.

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