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Cowboy country

We had a great night in Lander even if the beer does have a tendency to go to your head a bit when you are at 6000'. We were awake again at 06:00 and did the standard prep for the … Continue reading

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Land ‘er at Lander

Another early start. We always seem to beat the alarm clock so it's not as bad as it sounds. We got up and got ready. The last few days have been a drag since we haven't had Internet. Our hotel … Continue reading

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Never Forget your dreams

A fairly broken sleep last night. There is a motorcycle convention just down the road at Sturgis and the Hells Angels picked the same hotel as us. They were actually fine with a couple of exceptions at around 02:30. So … Continue reading

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The night at Pierre was interesting in that we got to see the other side of America. Everyone seemed to be on a low. We went into Subway since there wasn’t a lot of choice. I’ve never seen such a … Continue reading

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Pressing West

This morning we did our usual early bit and woke up to a fairly low overcast. We kept moving anyway with usual morning preparations but before calling the taxi we walked back into the quaint little town of Stillwater in … Continue reading

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Goodbye Oshkosh

Today we departed Airventure. We got the army bus again and packed the plane ready to go. I sent some stuff back to myself in Chino via FedEx, said goodbye to some folk, got a departure brief and we pulled … Continue reading

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Interviews and Seaplanes.

Caught the early bus again. The day started out cool. Got a few things done which included visiting flight service for a weather brief. Looks like it should be ok for us. Caught up with Pricey again fortunately. Haven't seen … Continue reading

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