Never Forget your dreams

A fairly broken sleep last night. There is a motorcycle convention just down the road at Sturgis and the Hells Angels picked the same hotel as us. They were actually fine with a couple of exceptions at around 02:30. So we've been a bit tired. We left around 07:15 and went for coffee again atContinue reading “Never Forget your dreams”

Goodbye Oshkosh

Today we departed Airventure. We got the army bus again and packed the plane ready to go. I sent some stuff back to myself in Chino via FedEx, said goodbye to some folk, got a departure brief and we pulled the aeroplane out to the flight line. The normal pre-departure checks etc with the exceptionContinue reading “Goodbye Oshkosh”

Interviews and Seaplanes.

Caught the early bus again. The day started out cool. Got a few things done which included visiting flight service for a weather brief. Looks like it should be ok for us. Caught up with Pricey again fortunately. Haven't seen as much of him as I would have liked. After doing a few chores IContinue reading “Interviews and Seaplanes.”