What a Ride

Just before a work trip I got news from Dan at Sidelifters that they were fully booked for the week of the 4th. The idiots doing the shipping had ignored my instruction to book these guys early.

Now it was looking very shaky that this trip was going to work. I didn’t know where the container was and The shipping company is vague at best. They also only seem interested in doing things overnight rather than getting busy one morning and sorting this out.

I had to go to work but really needed this sorting so Vicki took up the mantle. I also sent out a distress message to Alfred who passed it along in a call to arms.
What followed was very confusing. Since I was at a distance I only really got part of the story.

As I write this in an Adelaide restaurant I think Vicki has it all sorted. It’s not perfect but should work. Hopefully the shippers will have it cleared and ready to move when I need it. I can only accept their word but that doesn’t make me comfortable.

From there it will road on a stupid flat bed trailer to chino where a crane will lower it to the ground. Etc etc.
NZ did that in the 60s but have since moved on to a much better way of doing things. I guess I can get a tie died shirt, smoke some weed and I should fit right in.
Alfred told me that the whole stupid issue is due to the mafia aka the unions, have got the ports tied up. They run the whole show and you do what they say.
And the USA wonders why their economy isn’t growing. I probably shouldn’t say that and it’s probably because I am stressed and grumpy.
I think Alfred is right when he says it will all add to the adventure. Nonetheless I’ll be pleased when this chapter is over. I’ll sleep better if nothing else.
Tomorrow I’m off home and get the full story from Vicki.
Thank god for Vicki!

Post note

On return home I found out that indeed it was going to be a crane. The cost had now almost doubled. This was well outside my reach so I had no option but to bring the container back home. The trip was off and I was crushed.


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I live in New Zealand with my lovely wife Vicki along with our animals on a block of land in Helensville. Back in 1994 I had this crazy idea to build a plane. Since then its been a huge part of my life. My day job has varied over the years. I started out as a computer engineer and now I'm an airline pilot. You would think that would tire me of flying but airline flying isn't really flying. The small planes are fun and make me remember why I started flying in the first place. This blog is a demonstration of some of the crazy ideas that pop into my head from time to time. The way I see it, life is too short to not give these wild ideas a go. I don't mind if people think I'm crazy. I probably am.

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